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Zak M Davis was an amazing kid who loved trying new things and being with his friends and family.  He had an infectious smile and loved to make people laugh.  He is widely known for his shenanigans! Zak was a lifelong Bengals fan (his family has no idea where this came from!) and passionately cheered his team on each year. He also loved OSU football and basketball. Zak had friends from all different groups and interests and if you were his friend, he was very loyal to you. He was also a very sensitive person and felt things deeply.   


Zak was a wrestler, competitive cheerleader, football player, high school class officer, and an amazing Ultimate Frisbee player.  But his true passion was always fishing! From the age of 5, Zak was an avid and passionate fisherman. At the age of 12, he acquired a professional sponsorship from Economical Bass Baits. He spent his middle school years with the Walnut Springs Fishing Club and in high school he fished with Hartley's Hawgs. Zak fished in many state tournaments and won many awards as a youth fisherman including placing 3rd on the WSMS team and 1st on Hartley's Hawgs- placing 17th in the state that year! He LOVED to teach his friends to fish and always carried a fishing pole and bait in his car. Zak was tragically killed in a car accident in December of 2019 at the age of 21. This foundation was established to carry on his legacy . . his love of fishing.

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